Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make n’ Tell Challenge: Day 30

Wow - Day 30 already! I finished Sarah's new shirt and skirt from the 2XL shirt.

The top portion of the skirt is actually one of the short sleeves from the original shirt. The bottom edge became the waistband. I cut a small slit in the hem of the sleeve and threaded elastic through it. The new bottom edge I left on the curve of the sleeve and added another piece to make it longer. Then I took and added a ruffle to the bottom.

I haven't sewn them together yet, but I also cut out a pair of pants. So from one shirt Sarah gets a shirt, skirt and pants. This has been a fun project - thanks Laura for the idea!

I also did the next day on the mystery knitting project, but only managed a half row on the sock (how pathetic!).

I've had a great time with the Make 'n' Tell Challenge. I finished some projects that had been languishing for quite awhile, tried some new things, and got to see some fabulous work from my fellow participants. I'm going to try to keep this up as much as I can, though I will probably always post the day after the make. Taking night photos just ends up with crummy photos (no my projects are not finished early enough for daylight photos). I'm away this weekend at Otherworld, so there will likely be no makes for Saturday or Sunday. I'll be way too busy having fun!

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