Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make n’ Tell Challenge: Day 22

Today was a little bit of this & a little bit of that. First I made some beaded stitch markers to add to a swap package I was sending out.

Then I started a t-shirt transformation. Sarah, age 4, won a door prize at a dinner we went to last week. She picked this shirt as her prize...

It's an adult 2XL, and she really wants to wear it. So thanks to Laura's Make 'n' Tell Day 5 I'll probably be making her a whole wardrobe from this one shirt. Really this is just a tease because I don't have anything to show yet. I cut off the sleeves and did a bit of planning.

Next up was a Dorset button ornament while at gymnastics class. The floss is actually teal (like the shirt above - crummy photo) to very pale teal, so the blue beads I brought with me did not work. (Must stock even more junk in my tote so this doesn't happen again.) Joshua wanted one that looked like a spider web, so this is what we ended up with. It's 1.5" diameter.

I started another larger one (that is actually blue so I can use the beads), but no photos yet.

I can't take credit for this one, but I liked it. Here's Joshua's make for the day - a driveway monster. Bad Mommy that I am, I failed to ask what was on the monster's arms - muscles perhaps? The cones are so that Daddy does not drive on him.

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  1. Love the Dorset spider web and Joshua's driveway monster is great! Good job he added those cones!