Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Make n’ Tell Challenge: Day 9

I found the missing supplies! Today I made the first of a dozen or so cloak closures for Otherworld. I had some clips my MIL gave me and some leftover trim and buttons from a long-ago project.

The clips are like those little kids use to keep their mittens attached to their coats. I took some scrap fabric, applied a stripe of trim, then sewed a tube to slip over the elastic between the clips. I then snipped the shank off the buttons with heavy duty wire cutters and used some E6000 Industrial Strength glue to attach those to the top of the clips.

Simple, yet effective. I think I have 3 more clips to make this style and have another idea rattling around for the rest.

I also worked another pattern repeat on the current afghan square tonight at knitting group.

I have to say that Sarah's Make 'N' Tell from yesterday stuck in my mind. Tonight's dinner...

My first fritatta! I used broccoli & carrots, leftover grilled zesty garlic chicken breast and cheddar cheese. No potatoes in the house & I just realized I forgot the mushrooms I was going to use. Very simple, except for the fact that I have cookware for the basic cook. No pans that can go from stovetop to broiler. They can however be used in a 350 degree oven - stupid plastic handles! I debated and ended up risking it, but I kept the pan so the handle wasn't actually under the heating element, hence the uneven browning.

I deem it delicious. Joshua says he loves it. Emily comments, "I liked the scrambled egg part, but the rest doesn't really suit my taste buds." Don't ask for Sarah's opinion - it involved "never, ever going to...." Oh well, you can't win them all over on the first try.


  1. Ooh I'm so proud! I'm glad you liked the idea, and fyi, you can cover your plastic handles in foil for a little added protection. I've owned some bare bones cookware in my time. Looks like it turned out tasty!

  2. Incredible! It's certainly making my mouth water ... and I'm gonna remember that tip with the foil on the handles. Congrats on a successful Make n' Tell!

  3. My favorite frittata pan is cast iron. Try that if you have one. Well done!